ZAR Wood Patch

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ZAR Patch Wood Filler is a latex compound that contractors and savvy do-it-yourselfers rely on to fill nail holes and repair cracks, gouges, broken corners, minor blemishes, and chipped edges on wood surfaces. It's excellent for various uses because it only shrinks a little and can be nailed, sawed, sanded, or drilled. ZAR Patch Wood Filler can be used indoors or outdoors and accepts paint, varnish, shellac, polyurethanes, and stains. In addition, it takes stain more readily than conventional wood patching compounds.

  • Latex base
  • Available in neutral, red oak, white, golden oak, dark tone
  • Application with a non-metallic trowel or putty knife
  • Ideal for nail holes, cracks, gouges, broken corners, and chipped edges on wood
  • Accepts stain uniformly
  • It greatly diminishes the lighter area or "halo" effect surrounding the patch when the patch requires a wood stain
  • It can be sanded, sawed, or drilled