ZAR Gloss Interior Oil Base Poly High Solids

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ZAR Interior Oil Base Poly High Solids is an interior, high-solid, oil-based, durable coating that delivers beautiful results in commercial and residential applications. It provides a long-lasting, smooth finish that, when fully cured, resists marring, scuff marks, alcohol, and household chemicals. In addition, the super-fast-drying formula allows for a two‑coat application in just one day.

  • Oil base
  • Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin
  • Application by brush, lambswool applicator, or synthetic pad applicator
  • Superior protection in fewer coats
  • Oxsol-free, low odor
  • Rich amber color
  • Ideal for floors, furniture, and woodwork
  • CSI MasterFormat 09 93 23 Interior Polyurethanes