Tru-Flex 100% Acrylic Textured Colored Finish Coat TRC-28X

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Tru-Flex Colored Finish Coats are 100% acrylic emulsion coatings, highly pigmented with prime color and reinforcing pigments that will provide a long-lasting finish for tennis and sports courts. Tru-Flex Colored Finish Coats are used over the Tru-Flex Filler Coat or Tru-Flex Cushion Coat products and protect asphalt from the sun's ultraviolet rays, making black surfaces 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler. In addition, these coatings, used in conjunction with the recommended Tru-Flex Recreational Coatings systems, will provide unsurpassed play characteristics.

A durable, skid-resistant surface for interior or exterior tennis courts, handball courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and other sports courts made of fully cured, firm, and properly prepared concrete, all-weather asphalt, or bituminous-based composition surfaces. Not recommended for surfaces on which motor vehicles with hot tires may be parked. Not recommended for use over wood or any surface that is soft.

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