Trimaco 9 ft. x 12 ft. 8 oz. SuperTuff Canvas Drop Cloth

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Traditional canvas drop cloths, made of high-grade cotton, come in various weights and dimensions, each with specific uses and benefits.

The lightweight 6oz drop cloths are ideal for minor painting tasks and outdoor applications. They are easy to handle and protect against paint spills and dust.

The 8oz drop cloths are an excellent choice for more challenging projects. They are sturdy enough to absorb spills during painting, wallpaper stripping, and cleaning. Their robust construction makes them a popular choice for more demanding tasks.

Consider the 10oz canvas drop cloths if you're seeking top-tier quality. They offer superior spill absorption and a dense fabric that prevents tracking during work, which means less mess to clean up after completing your project.

The 12oz canvas drop cloths are the thickest and most tightly woven option available for ultimate protection. Contractors often prefer this weight because it provides exceptional absorbency, minimizes tracking, and even provides padding to prevent surface scratches and dents.

One of the best features of these canvas drop cloths is that they are machine washable and reusable, making them a practical and environmentally friendly option. Wash them in warm water and tumble dry on a low setting to keep them clean and ready for your next project.