Penofin Blue Label Penetrating Oil Finish

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Presenting the premium Penofin Blue Label, an industry-leading, semi-transparent, penetrating oil finish that adheres to the highest environmental standards. Developed with the finest Brazilian Rosewood Oil, this product delivers exceptional moisture protection while allowing your wood to breathe naturally. Unlike other finishes that trap moisture and are prone to chipping or peeling, Penofin Blue Label ensures your wood's durability while enhancing its natural beauty.

Penofin Blue Label is infused with microscopically fine trans-oxide pigments, providing an added layer of protection against harmful ultraviolet damage. These pigments do not obscure the grain, but instead enhance its color, enriching the natural aesthetics of the wood. This unique blend of ingredients culminates in a range of transparent oil wood finishes that are unparalleled in both durability and beauty.

This versatile product is ideal for a myriad of exterior applications including but not limited to decks, log homes, siding, furniture, fences, wood art, spas, docks, floors, doors, and window trim.

Before you apply Penofin Blue Label, make sure to stir the product thoroughly, ensuring a consistent mix. For the best results, apply this finish at temperatures above 45°F. This product is stable under freeze/thaw conditions but bringing the stain to room temperature before application is recommended.

To apply, use a brush, stain pad, or a plastic pump sprayer, generously coating your wood. Be sure to protect or mask off any areas you do not wish to stain as Penofin Blue Label is a penetrating finish and will seep into any porous surface. Allow 20-30 minutes for the finish to penetrate into the wood, ensuring the individual fibers are thoroughly coated. This step is crucial as it allows for internal protection, fortifying your wood from the inside out.

After the allotted time, be sure to wipe off any excess finish using clean, lint-free cloths. If you are using the two-coat (550 VOC formula), wait at least 4 hours before applying a second light coat. Again, after 20-30 minutes, remove any excess finish. Note that failure to do so may result in a tacky finish as Penofin Blue Label is designed to penetrate the wood, not just coat the surface.

Indulge in the durability and beauty of the Penofin Blue Label and let your wood's natural charm shine through. Invest in this unmatched quality and protect your woodwork with an enduring, rich finish.