Zinsser Peel Stop Clear Binding Sealer is a flexible binding sealer designed for surfaces that are peeling, chalking, or cracking. Peel Stop penetrates these spaces and ‘glues’ them down, forming a tight bond that helps stop future peeling. Peel Stop penetrates and binds chalky residues and acts as a flexible bridging primer to seal face checking and prevent the finish coat from cracking. Peel Stop is recommended for use on exterior surfaces including previously painted wood siding, windows, doors, fences and trim, metal gutters and downspouts, masonry walls and foundations (including cured concrete, stucco, concrete block, brick, vinyl, and aluminum siding). Interior surfaces include previously painted drywall, plaster, cement, concrete or stucco walls and ceilings, wood doors, windows, baseboard, and trim.

SKU: 60001

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