Rust-Oleum Modern Masters Statuary Bronze Satin Metallic Paint

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Introducing Modern Masters Satin Metallic Paints – a revolutionary solution in decorative paints. Crafted with an innovative blend of mica and traditional pigments, Satin Metallic Paint Collection is designed to deliver superior satin, non-fading, and non-tarnishing colors. This groundbreaking range of water-based, non-hazardous paints opens new avenues of creativity and aesthetic appeal.

The forty-nine color palette of Satin Metallic Paints perfectly matches various interiors. Whether you want to spruce up hospitality spaces, commercial or retail environments, residential interiors, corporate offices, casinos, or theme parks, these paints promise to deliver a transformation like no other.

Applying Modern Masters Satin Metallic Paints is as easy as it gets. Brush, roll, or spray; choose the best method for your project. For optimal results, use high-quality brushes intended for water-based latex paints. If you're rolling, you may add up to 16 fl. oz. of Metallic Paint Extender per gallon to maximize the wet edge time and avoid lapping. To maintain a uniform surface and minimize lap marks, consider applying the paint in 4-foot wide sections, keeping a wet edge, and finishing by back rolling from ceiling to floor in one direction.

Satin Metallic Paints are available in three levels of coverage - opaque, semi-opaque, and sheer. Opaque colors provide excellent hide and are recommended in two coats for the best results. Semi-opaque colors offer good hide; three coats are suggested for optimal outcomes. Sheer colors are perfect as translucent overcoats, giving traditional paints, other metallic colors, or faux finishes an extra luster.

One gallon of Satin Metallic Paint covers approximately 208 to 320 square feet. With a recoat time of approximately half an hour and a dry-to-touch time of around an hour, these paints promise to speed up your painting project without compromising on the end result.

For exterior applications or high-traffic interior settings, Metallic Paint Collection MasterClear UV Protective Clear Topcoat is an ideal companion for your Satin Metallic Paint. It enhances scuff and abrasion resistance and improves washability, ensuring the paint withstands demanding environments while maintaining its stunning finish.

Experience the sublime combination of aesthetic charm and superior quality with Modern Masters Satin Metallic Paints – the perfect choice for spaces that demand the extraordinary!