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DRYLOK Natural Look Sealer is a nonyellowing protective coating that can be used as a sealer or concrete curing membrane.

As a sealer: DRYLOK Natural Look Sealer penetrates deep to seal and protect masonry against acids, alkalis, road salts, household cleaners, gasoline, oil, and weathering. Protects against dusting, staining, and spalling (surface cracking and pockmarking).

As a concrete hardener: When applied to freshly poured concrete, after the surface has set for 24 hours and excess water has been removed, DRYLOK Natural Look Sealer will control water evaporation resulting in maximum concrete hardness.

  • Natural-looking penetrating sealer
  • Ideal masonry primer hardens concrete
  • Minimizes concrete dusting, cracking and pockmarking
  • Nonyellowing - one coat protection

Sealer: Specially formulated to protect the interior and exterior masonry surfaces, including concrete driveways, basement floors, garage floors, concrete sidewalks, patios and terrazzo, brick, and slate surfaces.

Primer: DRYLOK Natural Look Sealer will solidify the surface for painting when applied over powdery surfaces such as chalking masonry paint, sandblasted masonry, and powdering mortar.

Primer-Sealer: Use DRYLOK Natural Look under latex, alkyd or polyurethane concrete floor paints or carpeting. For self-adhesive floor tiles, check with tile manufacturer for adhesion compatibility.

Concrete Hardener: Also, use on freshly poured concrete to make concrete cure harder.

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