DAP PRESTO PATCH is an all-purpose, high-performance patching compound formulated to set fast and dry hard. Set time is 10-15 minutes and is ready to paint in 30 minutes. Great for all interior walls, ceilings, and floor projects. PRESTO PATCH is easy to mix with water, is non-shrinking, and sandable. May be filled, drilled or nailed once dry. This powerful patch allows you to finish any project in less time than traditional patching compounds. PRESTO PATCH provides an excellent floor underlayment for patching and leveling before installation of floor coverings. PRESTO PATCH is not recommended for areas that collect standing water or receive continuous moisture unless coated with a waterproofing product.

4 lbs. of PRESTO PATCH will cover about 2.75 square feet with 1/4” thickness.

SKU: 58505

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