Art Alternatives Locking Snap-Off Blade Knives, Locking Snap Off Light Duty Blade Knife - Peggable

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Locking snap-off blade knives are available in lightweight and heavyweight versions and are perfect for use on various materials. Use the lightweight knife for cutting paper, boards, textiles, leather, rubber, and vinyl. The heavyweight knife is suitable for cutting on almost any material: boards, textiles, wire, some metals, leather, plastic, rubber, vinyl, rope, and more. The carbon steel segmented blade allows dull edges to be snapped off as needed, revealing a new sharp edge. Blade length is adjustable and can be locked in position to prevent slipping. The light-duty blade has 13 segments, and the heavy-duty blade has eight. Replacement blades are available in reusable plastic cases of 5 each (AA17985 and AA17986).