Ultra Spec SCUFF-X Interior Eggshell Finish 485

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 A high-performance, one-component latex paint specifically engineered to deliver outstanding performance and protection for the most demanding high-traffic areas in busy commercial spaces. This breakthrough product offers superior durability and scuff resistance than traditional high-performance two-component coatings, without the pre-mixing, short pot-life, and application difficulties related to similar products. It will retain its high-quality appearance longer with minimal maintenance and repainting required. The beautiful eggshell finish is perfect for hallways, fitting rooms, and waiting areas.

Ideal for high-traffic areas in commercial spaces such as school hallways, hospital waiting areas, hotel lobbies, gym locker rooms and bathrooms, retail fitting rooms, cafeterias, restrooms, and stairwells. For primed or previously painted drywall, plaster, wood, metal, and wallpapered surfaces.