Texcrete WB Texture Waterproofer Sand Texture 3192 Line

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Coronado Texcrete WB Waterproofers are high-build, breathable waterproofing coatings designed for application by professional contractors to above-grade concrete and masonry structures. These coatings are specifically engineered to be applied directly to concrete and masonry surfaces without priming. Texcrete WB coatings are designed to resist high pH surfaces and, therefore, can be applied directly to new concrete without extended curing and delays. These coatings pass the ASTM D6904 wind-driven rain test and are resistant to salt spray, acid rain, and UV light tested in 1 pinhole-free coat. In addition, the breathable, high-build film allows moisture vapor to pass through without blistering or causing a loss of adhesion. These products have various textures and do not require a primer/filler on smooth masonry surfaces.