Spectrum Brands 1.33 Gallon Spectracide Terminate Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer2 (Accushot™ Sprayer)

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Take control of your home with Spectracide Terminate Termite Killer2, specifically designed to eradicate wood-destroying termites upon contact, safeguarding your property with utmost efficiency.

Suitable for indoor application as well as outdoor home foundation treatment, our product offers the versatility needed to comprehensively address your termite concern. It is an essential element in preserving the integrity of your home, ensuring that no area is left vulnerable to termite damage.

One of the standout features of Spectracide Terminate is the provision of up to 9 months of residual control for indoor spaces. This extended period of protection affords you a significant respite from termite-related worries.

Moreover, the product is formulated to be clear and non-staining, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home, without any unpleasant odors. This ensures a discreet yet effective solution to your termite problems.

To enhance the ease and precision of application, the AccuShot continuous power sprayer boasts an ergonomic grip and an extendable wand for targeted use. Furthermore, the one-touch continuous spray mechanism eliminates the need for repetitive manual operations, making the termite elimination process seamless and convenient.